Portable Loading Docks

  • Portable loading docks are a practical solution for any worksite, leased facility or parking lot where traditional loading docks are not feasible. They can also easily integrate behind existing dock doors to create shipping capacity inside facilities due to limited exterior space, climate concerns or unique loading applications. 

Our portable docks allow you to transform your worksite into a practical loading dock without any added, costly construction or excavation. These freestanding loading docks are engineered specifically to be mobile, so they can be relocated virtually anywhere, giving seasonal businesses extra shipping and loading capacities when you need it most.

At Arbon, we understand that one of the biggest challenges warehouses face is how to effectively respond to continuous changes at the loading dock. That’s why the temporary, or portable loading docks, ramps and decks we provide feature a trailer impact-resistant design to deliver the integrity of concrete in a flexible forklift loading ramp that can be easily moved and relocated in a matter of minutes. This mobile loading dock offers you extra flexibility and allows you to relocate it virtually anywhere while still getting the durability, safety and high performance capabilities of a permanent loading dock.

Features and Benefits

  • Equipped with handrails, stairs, guards, mechanical dock levelers and wheel chocks
  • Easily stored, relocated and positioned
  • Adjustable legs
  • Permits typically not required for “temporary” structures
  • Fully compatible with Vehicle Restraints, Dock Shelters, Doors and most levelers
  • Tailored to your unique application
  • Designs incorporate OSHA safety standards
  • Does not require any costly excavation or concrete construction
  • Additional shipping capacity

improving industrial safety, security and productivity worldwide THROUGH QUALITY AND INNOVATION