Rail Dock Boards and Plates

Portable rail boards are specifically designed to help shippers tackle loading and unloading all types of boxcars. Arbon provides rail dock boards and plates that are manufactured and custom made to suit any specific dock condition, plus they improve and increase productivity and efficiency.

Arbon offers portable dock plates that bridge any gap between the boxcar and building, ensuring safety and protection for forklift operations and are designed to provide a stable platform for forklifts when loading into or out of rail cars and trailers. The dock boards are designed to remain steady during intense heavy loading/unloading at the dock. These portable dock plates are specifically custom engineered to accommodate all varying sizes and load capacities . Our dock plates are built to not only protect your products but also employees.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides a smoother, stable trackway into boxcars
  • Minimizes costly damage to forklift tires
  • Ensures stability and locks into place via D-Ring
  • Heavy duty steel design ensures stability
  • Safety yellow color
  • Speed up loading operations
  • Prevent common forklift accidents
  • Reduce labor costs

improving industrial safety, security and productivity worldwide THROUGH QUALITY AND INNOVATION