Self-Standing Loading Docks

When you need to add a new loading dock, it often involves timely excavation and concrete construction. If site conditions or excavation costs prohibit conventional loading dock construction, our prefabricated, self-standing loading docks create a safe and efficient alternative to traditional loading dock construction.

Self-Standing Loading Dock Platforms are designed to be modular (they are simply bolted to existing concrete slabs) and can be relocated as business needs and operations change.

Ideal for remote buildings and expansions, these platforms can be stand-alone for hand loading or integrate high-capacity loading dock levelers and vehicle restraints that act like a fully functioning traditional dock. The combination of dock equipment, handrails, stairs and ramps allow a customer to design a self-standing loading dock that is flexible yet robust.

Features and Benefits

  • Designs incorporate OSHA safety standards
  • Equipped with handrails, stairs, and ramps
  • Require minimal installation
  • Easy to relocate based on business demands
  • Address property limitations and opportunities
  • Handrails keep employees safe when dock is elevated
  • Save money on construction and remodeling costs
  • Does not require any costly excavation or concrete construction

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