Snow Removal Machines for Truck, Trailer and Bus Roofs

Large amounts of snowfall in winter can delay your fleet from leaving your facility, jeopardizing delivery deadlines and consuming employee resources. Reduce liability and operational costs by automating the clearing of snow from your trucks, trailers and buses quickly and efficiently with our line of rooftop snow plows. Our snow removal machines can be equipped with a brush-style system that passes safely over hatches, lights, tarped trailers, etc. without damaging the trucks.

Automatic Rooftop Snow Plows Help:

  • Reduce fleet idle times - Stop paying your drivers to wait until their vehicles are cleared. Our automatic snowplows clear snow quickly and get your fleet on the road!
  • Reduce labor costs - Clearing snow manually can take a long time and distract from the actual task at hand… getting your product where it needs to be. Snow plows take just minutes to clear the snow.
  • Reduce equipment damage - Heavy snow can cause trailer roofs to crush and improper snow removal techniques can damage your vehicles.
  • Reduce fuel costs - Snow can negatively impact aerodynamics and add as much as 6,000 lbs or more to the trailer.
  • Eliminate violations and fines to drivers.
  • Reduce risks and liability to motorists - Snow and ice dislodged from the roofs of truck trailers traveling at highway speeds, can be devastating for traveling motorists. Snow removal reduces the chances of property damage and personal injury claims that can have a drastic effect on your insurance premiums.
  • Protect your brand from negative publicity - Using automatic snow plows to remove snow from fleet rooftops, reduces highway incidents caused by improperly clearing snow. You prevent negative publicity caused by dislodged snow and snow-related accidents.
  • Prevent injuries to employees - reducing OSHA violations and worker's compensation claims. An automated snow removal system can prevent injuries that result from the hazards of manually removing snow from trailer roofs. Your employees are safer. Your company loses less work time due to injuries, and reduces workers compensation claims.

Designed to work with:
  • Truck trailers
  • Box trucks
  • Sea containers
  • Translucent roofs
  • Double trailers
  • Tarp top trailers
  • Flatbed trailers
  • Buses

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