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Snow Removal Machines for Truck, Trailer and Bus Roofs

Designed for fast, effortless, low-maintenance operation in the harshest of winter conditions, our Heavy-Duty and Medium-Duty snow scrapers keep your vehicles on the road. Scraper Systems™ FleetPlows™ help: 

  • Reduce risks and liability. Protect your brand - Snow and ice dislodged from the roofs of trucks and trailers traveling at highway speeds can be devastating for traveling motorists. Snow removal helps reduce the chances of property damage and personal injury claims that can have a drastic effect on your insurance premiums and negatively impact your brand.
  • Lower fuel costs – Driving with snow and ice on your vehicle roofs can cause aerodynamic drag and add 6,000 lbs/2,700kg or more to vehicle weight.
  • Prevent injuries to employees – FleetPlows help prevent injuries that result from the hazards of manually removing snow from trailer and bus roofs. Your employees are safer. Your company loses less work time due to injuries which helps reduce overall workers’ compensation claims.
  • Reduce labor costs - Clearing snow manually can take a long time and distract from the actual task at hand… getting your product where it needs to be. With the push of a button, one person can clear 24 inches of snow in less than 30 seconds per vehicle.
  • Decrease fleet idle times – FleetPlows clear snow quickly to get your fleet and your drivers on the road with minimal wait time.
  • Reduce equipment damage - Heavy snow can cause trailer roofs to crush and improper snow removal techniques can damage your vehicles. FleetPlows make snow removal quick and efficient. Powered height adjustment minimizes winter vehicle damage.
  • Eliminate violations and fines to drivers. More and more states and provinces do not allow commercial vehicles to travel on their roads with snow on the roofs. FleetPlows clear snow and eliminate hefty fines.

FleetPlows work with fleets of all sizes and types:

  • Truck Trailers
  • Box Trucks
  • Sea Containers
  • Translucent Roofs
  • Tarp top trailers
  • School Buses
  • Coach Buses
  • Passenger and Cargo Vans

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