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Loading dock equipment and workers are both at risk when levelers are being serviced. Fork trucks can accidentally drive onto a raised leveler or into the side, causing damage and injury. The Safe-T-Strut System is designed to help prevent the collapse of dock levelers undergoing maintenance.

Stands Firm - Unique through-the-lip extension keeps strut in place, even if hydraulic dock leveler is raised to its maximum height. Capable of withstanding a 10,000 lb. (45 kN) fork truck driving up half the length of a raised leveler at 3-4 mph (4-5 km/h).

Built to "Earthquake" Design Standard - Remains in position to endure the violent rocking motion produced when a 10,000 lb. fork truck collides with the side of a raised leveler at 3-4 mph (4-5 km/h).

Helps Comply with OSHA Regulations - For added safety, the system offers lockout capability - can be easily padlocked to prevent removal.

Provides Easy, Cost Effective Protection - Installation is quick, operation is simple and cost is affordable.

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