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Warehouse Column, Rack and Corner Protection

At Arbon, we understand that when it comes to safety, you need warehouse column, rack and corner protection. They need to be tough, visible, versatile and cost effective, and that’s exactly what our products were designed to do.

Creating a safer working environment in your building where there is heavy forklift and pedestrian traffic is essential. We provide column protectors designed to create a safer working environment and offer the most complete impact protection for columns, racks and corners in warehouses and material handling facilities. They minimize the force of tow motor impact that can damage columns, surrounding supports, vehicles and operators.

Whether your project requires durability, reliability, or extra impact absorption, Arbon can provide the right column protector to meet your exact needs . The column protectors are equipped with air vent systems allowing air to escape during collisions minimizing damage to your column and fork lifts and reducing any injuries. They are made with high density polyethylene, ensuring durability for the most stringent work environments.The safety yellow color offers extra visibility and decreases forklift collisions.

Features and Benefits

  • Resistant to most chemicals to help prevent corrosion
  • Yellow safety color offering maximum visibility and protection
  • Easy installation and no tools required
  • Minimizes damage
  • Adds protection to columns that are more vulnerable to collision
  • Guards vehicles and columns
  • Extra impact absorption
  • Reduces bodily injury

improving industrial safety, security and productivity worldwide THROUGH QUALITY AND INNOVATION