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Scissor Lift Tables

Arbon can provide scissor lift tables that are the most versatile, dependable and widely-used method for lifting loads or pallets, of any size or capacity, 20 feet or more, providing you optimal performance. With their simple design, few moving parts and maintenance-free bushings, scissor lifts provide years of trouble-free operation. Each lift is easily modified by narrowing, widening, combining or stacking to achieve a wide array of configurations.

Scissor lifts are available with hydraulic, mechanical or pneumatic operators to meet your work and job site requirements. For your convenience, scissor lifts are specifically designed so that other lifts or positioning devices, like turntables, conveyors and tilters, can be added to it to allow you to achieve more.

Our focus is to reduce worker fatigue and the risk of serious injury, all while increasing productivity. This lifting solution provides the versatility to hoist heavy loads of any size for faster, safer work. From manufacturing to warehousing and distribution facilities, there are hundreds of uses for lift tables and the addition of these inexpensive devices makes the work much safer and easier.

Typical applications include machine feeding and offloading, product assembly, inspection/quality control, repair, feeding and unloading conveyors and bridging different conveyor levels. In addition, there are many other applications requiring heavier capacities, extreme load dimensions and higher vertical travel.

Features and Benefits

  • Trouble free and dependable
  • Increases worker productivity and efficiency
  • Raise or lower to your desired height
  • Quality design for reliable performance and long service life
  • Easy customization to meet your specific needs
  • On and off load flexibility
  • Options and accessories to expand the versatility

improving industrial safety, security and productivity worldwide THROUGH QUALITY AND INNOVATION