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Loading Dock Accessories

Loading Dock Lights | Loading Dock Bumpers | Reflecto-Guide Safety Strips | TS-2000 Trailer Stand | TS-5000 Trailer Stabilizer | Light Communication System | Coolman Trailer Fan

Improve your loading docks' efficiency and productivity from Rite-Hite.

Our loading dock accessories supplement your loading dock equipment to enhance safety at the loading dock, help protect your building and dock equipment, increase the restriction of trailer movement, guide trailers to your dock and improve all-around interior trailer conditions.

Our loading dock accessories include:

  • Loading dock lights
  • Loading dock bumpers
  • High-visibility reflective safety strips
  • Trailer jack stands
  • Trailer stabilizing stands
  • Trailer fans
  • Light communication systems
  • Combination control boxes

Light Communication System

Establish a clear line of communication between drivers and loading dock personnel during the loading and unloading process with a light communication systems and combination control boxes.

CoolMan 2800 Trailer Fan

Increase employee comfort and productivity with adjustable loading dock fans that are specially designed for manual parcel loading and unloading.

Loading Dock Bumpers

Protect your building investment from damage to wall and the foundation with our variety of loading dock bumpers. With four different types of loading dock bumpers to choose from, you can select the most effective dock bumper design for your loading dock operations.

Trailer Stabilizers and Stands

Provide extra support for heavy and uneven loads at the nose of the trailer and help prevent accidents caused by landing gear collapse with our semi-trailer jack stands and stabilizers.

Loading Dock Lights

Proper lighting at the loading dock is required by OSHA and you can address compliance with Rite-Hite's line of loading dock lights. Our loading dock lights feature LED, HD LED and traditional incandescent lighting options to increase safety and productivity for your loading dock applications.

Reflective Safety Strips

Add another layer of visibility in low light or inclement weather for trailers backing in at the loading dock with our maintenance-free optical fabric safety strips.


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