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Dock Seals

Dock seals are foam pads that the trailer compresses into when it backs in and comes to rest against the dock bumpers, thus forming a gasket-type seal around three sides of the trailer. The key benefit of this type of enclosure is that it generally provides a very good seal in most situations at a relatively low price. The most noted disadvantages are that dock seals can become worn very easily at docks that receive a steady flow of traffic. Also, very importantly, because of their design, foam compression dock seals can impede forklift access to loads on the trailer, as foam and fabric from the dock seal side pads protrude into the trailer opening as they are compressed. Not only can the seals become damaged in this way, they can also negatively impact productivity as forklifts must slow down to maneuver around the obstruction. Dock seals are limited in application to smaller door openings and are best used when there is minor variation in the size and style of trailers being served.

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