Hydraulic Dock Levellers

Considering a hydraulic dock leveller?

There is good reason to choose one that delivers free-fall protection by way of a velocity fuse. Without this feature the leveller may rapidly descend if the truck pulls away unexpectedly, which could lead to personnel injury or damaged products and capital investments.

A properly equipped hydraulic dock leveller can help prevent rapid leveller descent, even while managing heavy loads; it can also help maintain a safe and reasonable slope from the facility floor to the trailer bed while floating below and above dock height. 

Additional features and benefits:

  • Infinite Lip Control which allows the operator to extend the lip or stop the platform at any time during leveller travel – this assists with loading expediency which enhances productivity and is accomplished with a dual push-button control box
  • Environmentally Friendly biodegradable fluid outperforms traditional industrial grade fluid, even in extreme cold
  • Low cost of ownership resulting from minimal required maintenance over the lifetime of the leveller

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