Safe-T-Vu™ Warning System

The Safe-T-Vu™ Warning System helps prevent accidents around blind corners and busy intersections by visually notifying people and material handling equipment of oncoming traffic in your facility. Safe-T-Vu detects approaching traffic and indicates the direction of oncoming traffic using high-intensity red LED chevrons. It can be mounted magnetically for fast and simple installation that fits almost anywhere in your warehouse or large facility.

Traffic detection

  • Unidirectional microwave sensors detect approaching traffic from main aisle or rack aisle designation
  • Adjustable detection zone and sensitivity
  • Versatile mounting to accommodate main aisle and rack aisle traffic patterns

Traffic control signals and forklift collision warning systems

  • Communicates using flashing red LED chevron which indicates the direction of the approaching hazard only when motion is detected
  • Additional sensor indicates the unit’s mounting location has been impacted by forklift or other equipment, signaled by flashing yellow LED chevron

Compact design and heavy-duty build

  • Each Safe-T-Vu unit is approx. 6.5" x 4" and weighs less than 1 lb.
  • Magnetic mounting allows for fast and simple attachment to racking and includes additional mounting points for non-metallic surfaces
  • Included tether protects unit if broken away by accidental impact
  • Optimal mounting height: 72"
  • Indoor use only, 0°F to 120°F (-20°C to 50°C)

Energy savings

  • Low power consumption (<2W per unit)
  • Units are powered and connected using low voltage 24VDC plugs and receptacles (no high voltage required on racking)

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