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Raptor Pro Rubber Door

Rite-Hite’s high performance Raptor Rubber Series Doors are designed to withstand the toughest, harshest environments. Building on Rite-Hite's reputation as the safest doors in the industry, they are now also the smartest. They ensure low maintenance but maximize productivity all the while reducing energy costs. The durable rubber curtain can handle various applications and the excessive traffic in both interior and exterior applications.

Raptor Pro Rubber Door features and benefits:

  • Design and built for any opening
    A single operational platform can be used for interior, exterior and high wind applications.
  • Durable, high-density material
    A thick 1/4" SBR Rubber curtain incorporating Soft Breakaway™ Technology minimizes damage and downtime from impacts.
  • Simplicity made easy
    With fewer moving parts, no hinges, cables or counterbalance springs to adjust.
  • One of the industry’s highest operating speeds for a rubber door
    Operating speeds up to 48" (1.2192 m/sec) per second depending on door size.
  • TRUE Auto Re-feed™
    After an accidental impact, the Raptor Pro rubber door re-feeds itself on the fly without human intervention, keeping your door closed and downtime to a minimum.
  • Inherently safer by design
    Thanks to soft bottom design and Soft Breakaway™ Technology, springless design,
    light curtain and optional laser sensors..

To see all of these features in benefits in action, check out the Raptor Rubber Door Series product video.

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