Industrial Pallet Tilters

Pallet tilters and lift tables have become the choice for many companies seeking a way to speed up workflow and improve worker conditions. Arbon offers tilters that allow workers to bring small parts or hard-to-reach items within easy reach, typically in bins and baskets. Container tilters reduce unnecessary reaching or bending over, a leading cause of back injury.

Whether your job requires picking up containers and moving them, precise positioning and control, or leveling items to the right height and angle, Arbon can provide the right pallet or container tilter for your specific requirements. These industrial pallet tilters are specifically designed to speed up and simplify the process of loading and unloading.

Features and Benefits

  • Maximized load stability
  • Fully adjustable
  • Offers maneuverability
  • Invert pallets to quickly get to bottom levels
  • Provides a stable balance
  • Accommodates for desired placement of loads
  • Customizable platforms to fit variety of load sizes and widths
  • Can be integrated with conveyor or automated system
  • Wheel and casters for mobility options

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