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Vertical Storing Dock Levelers

The vertical storing dock leveler fits a wide variety of facility needs. Its hydraulic push-button operation keeps up with fast-paced warehouse environments, while benefits like environmental control allows it to meet the requirements of facilities such as food & beverage or cold storage.

Choose a Rite-Hite Vertical Dock Leveler with 360 degrees of protection for your supply chain. The leveler’s upright position helps protect cargo inside the facility by limiting points of entry and eliminating environmental infiltration, which could lead to contamination. Coupled with pedestrian safety features, such as the Smooth Transition Dok System®, Safe-T-Pit®, and over-center tilt-back storage, a vertical storing leveler helps keep employees safe from injury before, during, and after the loading and unloading process.

Vertical Storing Dock Leveler Benefits:

  • Hydraulic Push-Button Operation allows for simple, safe, and efficient operation.
  • Vertical Storing Position designed for drive-thru applications allows trailer doors to be opened within the facility, helping to increase personnel safety by keeping boots off the drive approach.
  • Environmental Control is achieved through the complete 4-sided perimeter seal. Pairing a vertical leveler with the correct seal and/or shelter and drive through application, the dock system helps keep temperatures regulated in both the facility and the trailer.
  • Safe-T-Pit® sensor disables leveler operation if motion is detected in the leveler pit, adding an additional layer of pedestrian safety during routine maintenance and daily applications.
  • Easy Clean Frame makes dock leveler wash down quick and operations more efficient.
  • Smooth Transition Dok System® helps reduce whole body vibration and prevent chronic injury through its 5 main design features, protecting forklift drivers from bodily harm.
  • Industry Leading Warranty backed by a exclusive representative network to help ensure your equipment is reaching its maximum potential.

RHV-4100 Vertical Storing

  • Ideal for environmental control
  • Diverse loading dock designs including drive-thru
  • Smooth Transition Dok System®

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