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Air Curtains

Control temperature, prevent unwanted fumes and repel insects from entering your industrial or commercial facility with air curtains.

One of the biggest challenges facilities face is how to prevent dirt, dust, debris and pests from entering the building but still continuing to maintain air temperatures. Arbon can provide air curtains to help achieve this while also allowing your facility to have a better, comfortable working environment. Air curtains contribute to creating a productive and comfortable environment all year round. Consider the time spent addressing the problems of dust, insects and outside air from entering indoors. Arbon can recommend the right air curtains to help address your issues.

Applications for Air Curtains

  • Main entrance for your facility
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Service entrance
  • Cold storage
  • Conveyors

Features and Benefits

  • Creates productive and comfortable working environment season round
  • Saves money and energy by keeping unconditioned air out and heating and cooling in
  • Improves facility air quality by keeping unwanted fumes and insects out
  • Allows for easy accessibility and visibility
  • Minimizes dust/debris from entering
  • Can be installed interior or exterior
  • Reduces heat loss
  • Reduces building running costs
  • Increases employee comfort

improving industrial safety, security and productivity worldwide THROUGH QUALITY AND INNOVATION