Loading Dock Levelers

Looking to reduce chronic injury and equipment damage at the loading dock?

Many forklift operators travel across conventional dock levelers more than 100,000 times each year. With each pass they experience an unpleasant jarring effect created by the bumps and gaps that exist in outdated leveler designs – so does their equipment and the product being transported.

Also known as dock shock or whole body vibration, these vibrations can lead to chronic back and neck injuries, product spills, and equipment repair costs.

These conditions can be reduced or eliminated with a Smooth Transition dock leveler design – all of which are ANSI MH30.1 tested and certified.

Our standard features help:
  • Provide a smooth transition for forklifts from warehouse floor to trailer beds – even on out of balance trailers – with a constant radius rear hinge, two-point crown control, and an optimized lip chamfer.
  • Defend against vacant dock drop-off accidents and facilitate unobstructed end loading with our exclusive Safe-T-Lip® (not available on the RH mechanical or vertical levelers)
  • Protect personnel during inspection and pit clean out with our exclusive Safe-T-Strut® featuring lockout/tagout capability.
  • Offer flexibility for use of 3 and 4 wheel forklifts with unique structural engineering

Choosing a smooth transition dock leveler results in fewer employee injuries, less product and equipment damage, and low lifetime ownership costs. Our designs are always evolving to meet the challenges you face at the loading dock.

smooth transition dock leveler

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