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Industrial Turntables and Pallet Positioners

Reducing the need for reaching, twisting and stretching, particularly in pallet loading and unloading is a common challenge. Repositioning the load rather than the worker saves time, reduces fatigue and eliminates potential tripping hazards caused by walking around the load. At Arbon, we offer a wide variety of industrial turntables and pallet positioners, including manual and powered, that can be placed directly on the floor, on a fixed height platform, or even on a lift table, depending on your needs.

So, whether the application is palletizing, assembly, maintenance and repair, or just about anything else, we’ve got an ergonomic turntable that will help get the work done faster, safer, and easier. Turntables can be customized to fit your industry’s requirements and applications.

Types of Turntables


Manual, or conventional, industrial turntables enable employees to easily maneuver heavy loads without straining their backs. Workers can manually spin the load so they are always working on the near side without having to walk around. This can reduce employee steps by 40% daily. 


Powered turntables are designed for the application and are available in a full range of different sizes and capacities. Like conventional (manual) turntables, powered turntables can be mounted to a lift table, fixed height platform or the floor. Powered turntables enable workers to comfortably and precisely rotate heavy loads up to a full 360 degrees at the touch of a button. As a result, workers have better access to tools and work, improving the quality and productivity of their work.

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