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Stabilizing Trailer Restraints

Offering the industry’s only design to address horizontal and vertical movement during loading, Rite-Hite’s Stabilizing Trailer Restraint supports wider and heavier loads accommodating high-capacity industries such as pulp and paper, food and beverage and the rising adoption of AGV technology. With the greatest hook reach, creating a two-point entrapment for ICC bars and today’s RIGs, stabilizing trailer restraints help reduce all types of trailer separation accidents, such as: early departure, trailer creep, landing gear collapse and more.

Introduced to the industry-leading Dok-Lok® lineup in 2005, Stabilizing Trailer Restraints offer the smoothest transition for forklifts entering and exiting trailers by reducing movement during loading. They are ideal for facilities that want to:

  • Receive air ride suspension trailers, which account for majority of trucks on the road.
  • Respond to rise in Global Logistics by properly securing intermodal as well as obstructed RIGs with Anti-Rotation technology.
  • Support wider and heavier loads, common in pulp and paper as well as food and beverage.
  • Accommodate rising trend of AGV (automated guided vehicles) traffic by minimizing movement to forklift and computer components.
  • Help minimize risk of chronic neck and back injuries to material handlers by reducing trailer drop to only 1-2” (compared to 6” without stabilizing support).
  • Improve relative smoothness of transition from dock leveler to trailer bed by upwards of 120%.
  • Combine operation of restraint and hydraulic leveler with single power unit.

STR-4200 Stabilizing Trailer Restraint

  • Hydraulic cylinders help stabilize vertical & horizontal movement during loading
  • Anti-rotation helps secure intermodal and trailers with RIG obstructions
  • Standard Rite-Hite Extended Warranty with 5 years parts / labor

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