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Preventative Maintenance Programs

A preventative maintenance program (PMP) through an Arbon Equipment representative is an ongoing schedule of regular maintenance visits designed to keep equipment in top working order and address small problems before they become serious. Our loading dock equipment preventative maintenance programs are fully customizable and cater to our customer’s needs. From annual or semi-annual visits, to quarterly or even monthly dock maintenance visits, we make sure our service is prompt and coordinated to your request.

All preventative maintenance programs start with a free equipment survey which includes a thorough inspection of your loading dock levelers, industrial doors, vehicle restraints and other related equipment. You’ll receive a comprehensive report that details the condition and level of safety of your material handling equipment along with recommendations on suggested maintenance or repairs if necessary. At Arbon Equipment, we partner with you to help save you time and money while working to make your facility a safer more productive environment for your employees.

Benefits of a Preventative Maintenance Program:

Your loading dock is the gateway to your organization, so it's important to keep thing moving. Our expert technicians can help ensure your people and your equipment are protected with a preventative maintenance program. Benefits include:

  • Factory-trained technicians: Highly trained and certified technicians come prepared with fully-stocked trucks, so they can troubleshoot any piece of equipment.
  • Increased performance and efficiency: Regular dock maintenance is vital to peak performance and energy efficiency.
  • Increased safety: Properly operating equipment reduces risk of on-the-job accidents.
  • Less downtime: Expert inspections and condition reports identify potential problems before they bring operations to a halt.
  • Priority scheduling for service and repairs: Inspections and routine maintenance dates are scheduled upon contract signing but if you have unforeseen service needs, you’ll enjoy priority scheduling.
  • Discounted labor rate and parts: When repairs are unavoidable, save money at a discounted labor rate on all service and repair work and necessary parts.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing that trained specialists maintain a critical link in your company’s supply chain keeping operations running smoothly and uninterrupted.
  • Detailed report history: All service work will be recorded and documented so you can better plan for future budgets on repair and replacement costs.
  • Warranty and satisfaction guarantee: All Arbon Equipment representatives are backed by a 12-month limited money-back guarantee for parts and labor.

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