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Arbon Equipment offers innovative cooler doors and freezer doors that combine fast operation and a superior seal design like the unique Thermal-Flex Sealing System and InsulMax R-4 curtain. The doors’ high-speed, high-cycle operation features tight seals, insulated panels and outstanding impactability.

Arbon Equipment leads the way with Rite-Hite industrial cooler doors and freezer doors. The FasTrax® FR, an insulated and impactable cooler and freezer door is two times faster than the competition and superior in maintaining environmental control. The Barrier Glider freezer door is more conventional in terms of its bi-parting design, but is unparalleled when it comes to its sealing capabilities.

If you look around your cooler or freezer doors, you may see signs of costly inefficiencies. Signs of costly energy loss, effort wasted, excess humidity, and time lost are seen throughout the facility, but sometimes it’s too late. If you are seeing frost on the edges of your cold storage door, water or ice on the floor from condensation, or buildup on your freezer walls, ceiling or doors, it is time to replace your door. Check out the case studies in our Resource Center to see the kind of energy, maintenance and productivity savings others have experienced with Rite-Hite cooler and freezer doors.

FasTrax FR

  • Thermal-Flex Sealing System
  • InsulMax R-4 curtain
  • Speeds up to 100" per second (2.5 m/sec)

Available Colors

Barrier Glider

  • Thermal-Flex Sealing System
  • -20° to +120° F (-29° to 49° C)
  • Speeds up to 80" per second (1.5 m/sec)

Available Colors

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