LiteSpeed High Speed Roll Up Door

The LiteSpeed high speed door is much more than a new door - it's a whole new standard. From the soft bottom edge to the simple, low maintenance design platform, it’s become the new standard for safe, reliable, productive performance in the general duty industrial door category. This soft-edged curtain door is impactable so that if it is hit, the door will fix itself as it rolls back up.

LiteSpeed® Features and Benefits

  • Extreme simplicity & reliability is the cornerstone of this design. Few moving parts and a small footprint allow LiteSpeed to be applied into most interior openings.
  • Safety is enhanced with a light curtain or a set of thru beam photo eyes, reversing edge and the curtain's soft bottom edge (depending on the size of the door) - no hidden metal or rigid plastic supports.”
  • Productivity is consistent with TRUE Auto Re-feed if the door is accidentally impacted, a powerful motor allowing for class-leading speed and pre-wired controls from the factory allowing a faster installation.
Opti-Vu Facility Management Software
Opti-Vu Facility Management Software

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