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Industrial Doors for Warehouses and Manufacturers

Ensuring your facility has the right industrial doors to meet different needs can be difficult. That’s why Rite-Hite high-speed, high-performance warehouse and manufacturer doors offers our extensive line of interior and exterior industrial doors that match nearly every situation. From improving efficiency in cold storage, cooler, and freezer doors applications to providing safety and hygiene solutions in clean room and pharmaceutical doors with frequent openings and closing. Better facility doors can:

  • Improve energy efficiency with fast cycle times 
    keeping your door closed more often
  • Improve environmental separation with a tight seal 
    and fast cycle times
  • Improve actionable data with our graphic use interface, 
    smart controls and easy-to-understand charts at each door

In addition to matching your specific application needs, Rite-Hite's industrial doors for warehouses and manufacturers are at the forefront of functional design and excel during demanding conditions. Our line of industrial doors includes a complete selection of high speed, roll up, bi-parting, sliding, sectional, overhead, and dock doors.

Each of these intelligent doors are designed to help regulate the flow of air throughout your facility so you can control temperature, prevent contamination, and optimize energy savings.

Browse our full product line to find the right, sustainable design and technology door solution or contact your local Rite-Hite representative directly to discover the best industrial door for your unique environment.

Through the largest global representative service network, not only do we provide Industrial Door Maintenance and Repairs for your high-speed doors and other industrial doors throughout your facility, we can also help you upgrade any doors throughout your building for greater efficiency and security.


Are your doors costing you money? Find out by contacting a rep for a Free Industrial Door Analysis. Our experts evaluate the performance of your existing doors against other door options.

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