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Wheel-Based Restraints

Servicing the widest variety of trailer types including liftgates, standard over the road with or without RIGs and intermodal container chassis, wheel-based vehicle restraints provide the highest level of safety and security for any application. Our wheel-based restraints are metalized and painted for corrosion resistance to withstand harsh loading dock environments. 

Wheel-based restraints help service the widest variety of trailer types at the loading dock. Properly restraining the rear wheels, instead of relying on the rear impact guard (RIG), they are ideal for facilities that want to:
  • Service the widest variety of trailers, including specialty trailers and liftgates (which are commonly found in Food and Beverage industries).
  • Respond to rise in Global Logistics by properly securing intermodal container chassis, obstructed, broken or missing RIGs.
  • Ensure on-center trailer positioning to enhance seal effectiveness with wheel guides.
  • Combine operation of restraint and hydraulic leveler with single power unit.
  • Ergonomically operate manual restraint while actively communicating restraint status.

GWL-2300 Global Wheel-Lok™ Restraint

  • Automatically engage barrier locking arm into position
  • Tire engagement extends from 43” to 158” to mitigate trailer fulcrum point
  • Two wheel guides ensure on-center positioning for ideal seal effectiveness

MWL-1300 Manual Wheel-Lok™ Restraint

  • Ergonomic design is manually positioned with minimal force
  • Optional security latch ensures barrier placement and cargo theft deterrent
  • Optional wheel guides ensure on-center trailer positioning

GWC-1000 Global Wheel Chock

  • Extra-long footbed allows tires to maintain continuous downward force
  • Ultra-sonic sensor provides constant operational communication
  • No adjustment for climatic condition changes needed

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