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Lok-Vu utilizes a single or dual outside camera view displayed inside on the Dok-Commander Combined Control box or standalone monitor. The single camera helps confirm a Lok is securely engaged while a dual camera configuration also helps to confirm a trailer stand’s presence.

Features and Benefits

  • Trailer presence and lock verification system uses outside camera and inside monitor to display when trailer has arrived, is safely engaged and disengaged
  • Reduces the number of dangerous processes placing pedestrians out on the drive approach, addressing the current OSHA statistic that, “ semi-tractor trailers are the second leading cause of back over fatalities in the United States.”
  • Helps maintain supply chain integrity by keeping dock doors closed
  • Dual camera option allows for interchangeable views between two of three general locations: the rear-impact guard (RIG) of the trailer, the rear wheel base of the trailer and in the case of spotted trailers, the nose of the trailer to verify trailer stand presence
  • Available as standalone monitor and power source or as part of Dok-Commander® Combined Controls

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