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Loading Dock Seal and Shelter Upgrades

Loading Dock Seals and Shelters play an important role in efficient warehousing and logistics, but over time, worn or damaged seals and shelters can lose their effectiveness. Poor sealing at the loading dock can lead to energy loss, product damage, safety hazards, diminished employee comfort, quality inspection concerns and contamination concerns.

Heavy rain, ice and snow buildup means more than just leakage onto your dock -- it can create a hazardous situation. It may be time for a seal/shelter upgrade if you notice:

  • Any damage to side frame/side pad or header
  • Open gaps or weak seals
  • Damage to header or side panels
  • Environmental damage or weather seal damage
  • Scrapes or missing parts from collisions with trailers, trucks, or forklifts

Minimize your dock seal repairs with high performance upgrades that reinforce the loading dock  shelter frames, head pad, dock seal hoods, curtains and bumpers. Heavy duty or rugged materials in addition to easily replaceable components can keep your loading docks running smoothly and safely year round.

Upgrades for the loading dock seal on one side or all four sides

Durathon™ High Wear Fabric 
A Rite-Hite exclusive, abrasion-resistant Durathon fabric sets the standard for strength and durability. Replacing your vinyl coverings with Durathon can
extend the life of seal and shelter components and protect them from damage.

High Performance Dock Seal Header Systems 
Loaded with exclusive features, High Performance Headers protect dock seal hoods, corners and headers from multiple sources of damage and wear that ordinary headers don’t, and provide superior sealing as well.

Replaceable Shelter Side Curtains
Worn, damaged or improperly sized side curtain walls can be replaced, saving you from having to purchase an entirely new shelter.

Shelter Sealing Hooks
GapMaster™ high-durability sealing
hooks are easy to replace if damaged.

PitMaster™ Under-Leveler Seals
Simple solutions for sealing beneath dock levelers and around bumpers to prevent energy loss, help keep dock 
pits cleaner, and prevent infiltration of contaminants.

RainGuard® Trailer Top Seal
Weighted, high range seal uses gravity to seal gaps at tops of trailers, even during the bounce that occurs during loading and unloading.

Upgrades for loading dock seal/shelter that target specific gaps

BumperTopper™ Seals 
Seal gaps around bumpers in vertical leveler applications.

PitMaster™ Filler Pads
Fill gaps between building wall and trailer sill near dock bumper.

Filler Bag
Provides a quick solution for inspections.

Bottom Corner Draft Pads
Block gaps at the bottom of the dock shelter where air can escape and contaminants can enter.

PitMaster™ Lip Corner Seals
Block light and close gaps at leveler corners.

PitMaster™ Corner Seals
Seal gaps at the lower corners of dock pit

Seals uneven surfaces between leveler and sectional door

Fills the gap between leveler, dock pit wall and bottom edge of sectional door.

Seals door gaps when trailer is not present at the dock.

Lanyard Cup Weather Seal
Stops air penetration through leveler lanyard cups.

Leveler Weather Seal 
Seals gaps along sides of leveler

Rear Hinge Seal
Seals gaps at back of leveler plate.

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