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RHM-4000 Mechanical Dock Leveler

Ideal for economical environments
Simple pull-chain operation
Smooth Transition Dok System®


Hold-down systems are a crucial piece of the mechanical leveler's safety system, not only when in the stored position, but also, and most importantly, when the leveler is in use. A robust design helps prevent accidents, compared with traditional 2-tooth or band systems, which could lead to costly repairs or quickly worn-out parts.

  • 9-Tooth Pawl & Ratchet System gives ultimate security, helping to ensure that the leveler remains firmly in place until manually released. Over time systems which utilize two alternating teeth or band tightening systems can wear out, causing the leveler to pop up expectantly, creating safety hazards and putting employees at risk.

On a Rite-Hite mechanical leveler, a 9-tooth pawl engages with the ratchet bar, helping to ensure the leveler maintains a safe operating position and does not put material handlers at risk by popping up during normal operation, potentially trapping a forklift driver inside the trailer.

  • Tension Relief System allows the leveler to periodically raise to meet the trailer height, as it will slowly increase when weight is removed during the unloading process. Without this feature, the pressure from the upward movement of the trailer could potentially bend a leveler frame.

Rite-Hite's Hydrachek system and the mechanical leveler's yieldable lip helps increase personnel safety, boosts productivity, and prolongs the overall life of the equipment.

  • Hydrachek System allows a slow descent of the lip after the leveler has been raised. This first helps increase productivity by providing more time to place the leveler, which helps ensure it is done right the first time. Second, it adds additional safety by helping to prevent potential injury caused by the rapid drop of a leveler lip while personnel are performing maintenance. Lastly, the dual shock absorbers help prolong the life of the leveler by providing a more gentle, controlled extension and decent of the lip during operation.

  • Yieldable Lip helps prevent potential damage if the leveler is not stored properly. Should a trailer back into the leveler lip, it will yield downward, helping to prevent damage to the trailer and the leveler itself.
  • PitMaster X™ under-leveler seal available option helps prevent energy loss, improve dock cleanliness, and increase employee comfort.
  • Weatherseals help seal gaps between the dock leveler and concrete pit wall for improved environment control and energy efficiency, with the option to install on new levelers or retrofitted to existing.

Lower back pain is the largest cause of job-related disability, at nearly 20% of all workplace injuries and illnesses. Help reduce the effects of Whole Body Vibration by choosing a leveler with a full Smooth Transition Dok System.

  • Two-Point Crown Control reinforces the front hinge (between the leveler deck and lip) in two places to help remove the "speed bump" felt with traditional leveler that have increased crown reinforcement.
  • Constant Radius Rear Hinge gives a consistent 1/3" space between the warehouse floor and leveler deck; significantly reducing the gap that causes the jarring pain felt when crossing.
  • Extended Lip Chamfer comes standard with an extended length of 3" (compared with traditional leveler's 1/3") that provides a more gradual transition from lip to trailer bed floor; helping to diminish bodily impact.
  • Beam Construction includes two extra L-beams under the leveler deck which provide increased strength and superior flexibility, allowing the leveler to flex up to 4" under its own weight.

Rite-Hite's long-lasting structural engineering is built to stand-up to the most demanding warehouse settings.

  • 2 Additional Beams are added to the leveler deck for extra strength and allow for the use of three and four-wheel forklifts, while creating the ability to flex up to 4" under its own weight; providing safety from hazardous gaps or trailer pop-up during the loading process.
  • Formed Front Header completes the four-sided rectangular box construction to give increased stability and welding points at each of the beams to support the front hinge and deck.
  • Up to 20-Year Money Back Warranty Based on the Dock Leveler Investment Guide.
  • 5-Year Parts and 1-Year Labor.
  • 12-Month Limited Money-Back Guarantee of Customer Satisfaction.

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