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Warehouse Safety Assessments

Warehouse Safety Assessment

Expansive warehouses, large industrial facilities, and massive distribution centers can be dangerous places for employees. Material handling vehicles, machining equipment, and fall hazards in such facilities all present safety challenges. Consider these facts: Forklifts were the source of 70 work-related deaths in 2021 and 7,300 nonfatal injuries involving days away from work in 2020 (BLS). Accidents relating to slips, trips and falls is the third leading preventable workplace injury or illness event resulting in cases with days away from work. In 2021, 680 workers died and in 2020, 49,250 were injured (BLS) from falls to a lower level.

Whatever the exact cost is, it is too high – especially when considering that most of these accidents can be prevented with proper training and utilizing appropriate safety equipment. A warehouse safety assessment from Arbon Equipment will inspect your facility for safety hazards. This inspection will evaluate and offer safety solutions for these hazards:
  1. Preventing trailer separation accidents
  2. Protecting against slips, trips and falls
  3. Improving pedestrian safety 
  4. Reducing whole body vibration (or “dock shock”) while operating forklifts
  5. Implementing a safe sequence of dock operations
With heavy equipment moving continually both inside and out, loading docks are among the most dangerous places in any industrial operation. With proper training, routine equipment maintenance and regular inspections, it is possible to dramatically enhance workplace safety, to minimize risks and maximize overall warehouse efficiency.

Industrial Door Safety Assessment

Workplace accidents involving industrial doors can be minimized with proper design, technology, and employee training. The most common industrial door accidents are:
  1. Downward impacts where the door descends and strikes someone.
  2. Upward impacts where a door has a reversing mechanism that activates upon impact and strikes a person or object as it automatically retracts upward.
  3. Lateral impacts where someone hits the door either by walking into it or driving into it with a forklift.
  4. Entrapment where a person is trapped under a door.
Request a warehouse safety assessment and discover how you can improve employee safety at the loading dock and throughout your facility.

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