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Warehouse Safety Assessments

Loading Dock Safety Assessment

Industrial facilities are inherently dangerous places, particularly around loading docks. Accident statistics related to the two most ubiquitous pieces of equipment used in dock operations – forklifts and semi-trailers – bear this out. According to OSHA, more than 60 people are killed by semi-trucks at loading docks every year, and forklift-related fatalities occur every three days. Non-fatal forklift accidents are even more commonplace, with 94,750 reported cases per year. It is estimated that $135 million in direct costs are related to these accidents and indirect costs are likely five times that amount.

Whatever the exact cost is, it is unnecessarily high – particularly when considering that 70% of these accidents can be prevented with equipment and technology that already exists. The Loading Dock Safety Assessment will look at those solutions and specifically how they can be applied in five different areas of dock safety, including:
  1. Preventing trailer separation accidents
  2. Protecting against falls
  3. Improving pedestrian safety 
  4. Reducing whole body vibration (or “dock shock”)
  5. Implementing a safe sequence of dock operations
With heavy equipment moving continually both inside and out, loading docks are among the most dangerous places in any industrial operation. While it will never be possible for facility managers to eliminate human error entirely, it is possible for them to dramatically enhance the safety equipment and protocols that protect dock workers, minimize their risks and maximize overall efficiency.

Industrial Door Safety Assessment

The trend today is toward higher productivity and high performance doors, which typically are installed where forklifts, pedestrians and heavily cycled door openings exist. These doors are applied to internal as well as external openings in a variety of industries.

But most workplace accidents involving doors needn’t happen or, at the very least, their severity can be minimized if proper design, technology, and employee training are used.
The most common industrial door accidents are:
  1. Downward impacts where the door descends and strikes someone.
  2. Upward impacts where a door has a reversing mechanism that activates upon impact and strikes a person or object as it automatically retracts upward.
  3. Lateral impacts where someone hits the door either by walking into it or driving into it with a forklift.
  4. Entrapment where a person is trapped under a door.
Request an Industrial Door Safety Assessment and see how you can make significant improvements in operating efficiency and industrial door safety.

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