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Stretch Wrapping and Pallet Wrapping Equipment

Secure inventory and gain productivity with our full selection of custom stretch wrapping machinery.

Arbon offers a full line of semi and fully automatic stretch and pallet wrapping machinery available in several configurations able to wrap practically anything. This packaging equipment is capable of running a wide variety of sizes, can handle all standard stretch wrap widths and are made to fit your specific application , provide labor savings and increase productivity

Types of Stretch Wrap Packaging Equipment

  • Turntable Automatic - Automatic turntables are efficient and offer labor savings. They are fully automatic and can be operated from the forklift with a wireless remote. These pallet wrap machines are best where there is a high demand for throughput and operator safety. The capabilities of these turntables allow for precise top and bottom wrap and alignment.
  • Turntable Semi-Automatic - Semi-automatic turntables are a cost effective wrap option and are designed to tackle and withstand heavier, larger loads, while providing flexibility to applications that may require changes at a later date. Our semi-automatic stretch wrap is a dependable option for loading by forklifts or pallet jacks.
  • Rotary Arm Automatic - This stretch wrap machine allows your loads to be wrapped stationary while the stretch film rotates around the pallet load. This specific model does not require you to physically end the cycle. Instead, it is incorporated with its own cutting system. This in turn allows for consistent and repeatable packaging wrap performances. They are customized to allow flexibility and paper reeling to be safe and efficient. These can be equipped with a wireless remote that eliminates the need to get on and off the forklift as well as bending up and down.
  • Rotary Arm Semi-Automatic - Semi-automatic rotary arm stretch wrapper allows you to have partial control compared to the full automatic rotary arm stretch wrapper. At the end of the cycle, it requires personnel to cut the film wrapping manually. The speed of rotation can be customized based on the pallet size and type of wrapping to be used. It is ideal for any loads that are heavy, unstable or in wet or wash-down environments.

Features and Benefits

  • All AC variable speed motors
  • Heavy duty surround deck on low profile turntables
  • Lifting tubes front and rear for easy portability
  • Lifetime warranty on pre-stretch rollers
  • Warranty – 5 years on fabrications and 3 years on buyout components
  • Superior safety features: film carriage anti-fall device, film carriage descent obstruction safety switch, film carriage door electrical interlock

improving industrial safety, security and productivity worldwide THROUGH QUALITY AND INNOVATION