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Trailer and truck lifts are manufactured with a reinforced low-profile to increase strength and prolong product life. Additionally, their geometric deck design provides a gentle angle that keeps tires positioned on the back of the platform to help prevent roll-off, while the vehicle itself is kept level for ergonomic loading and unloading.

Choose from a premium line-up of hydraulic truck and trailer lifts designed to service a variety of vehicle types and heights. The unique design is strategically composed of limited moving parts, which means less maintenance and downtime due to repairs, helping increase product life and lower ownership costs.

Truck & Trailer Lift Benefits:

  • Increased Productivity by eliminating pit wall and dock bumper obstruction, allowing forklift drivers to transfer materials more efficiently
  • Interlocked Controls ensure a safe sequence of operation. From lift, to leveler, to restraint, to inflatable shelter all Rite-Hite® products can be combined through a centralized Dok-Commander® System
  • Dual Hydraulic Cylinders power truck and trailer lifts with simple push-button activation for productive and ergonomic operation
  • Wheel Guides and consistent on-centering trailer positioning features ensure accurate alignment, building protection and enhanced dock seal effectiveness
  • Surface Mounting provides easy installation that does not require a costly trench or additional drainage
  • Low-Profile Design engineered with a collapsed height to help ensure that vehicles are not hitting above the bumper when positioned at the dock
  • Debris Guards (toe guards) run the full height and length of the trailer lift for increased personnel safety. They are also tactically bolted to uprights along the leveler, so the four-panels can be easily accessed by maintenance professionals
  • Industry Leading Warranties backed by a global network of maintenance professionals to help keep your equipment at optimal performance


  • Ideal for facilities servicing liftgate vehicles
  • Interlocked system for a safer sequence of operation
  • Raises trailer to help eliminate dock leveler pit wall and bumper obstructions


  • Ideal for facilities with a variety of trailer heights
  • Ergonomic vehicle leveling platform with roll-off protection
  • Helps eliminate bumper and dock leveler pit wall obstructions

improving industrial safety, security and productivity worldwide THROUGH QUALITY AND INNOVATION

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