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Dock shelters are enclosures that provide a wiper seal against the trailer top and sides for high sealing efficiency. Arbon Equipment Dock Shelters are constructed of industrial fabric curtains fitted with fiberglass stays to apply pressure.

Arbon Equipment offers a wide variety of loading dock shelters to fit your loading dock design objectives and budget. The seal at the top is created with a curtain designed to reach down to the trailer. This header curtain may be weighted or simply constructed of fabric and can be self-adjusting or require pull-rope adjustment, depending on the model. The side curtains may or may not be equipped with features to seal around trailer door hinge gaps.

Arbon Equipment’s dock shelters are equipped with features that allow them to match the sealing effectiveness of foam seals. The benefits of dock shelters in general relative to dock seals include:

  • The ability to fit larger dock door opening.
  • Provide unobstructed access to trailer load.
  • Service a wide variety of trailer heights and style.
  • Less subject to damage from daily wear and tear since they are not designed to be compressed by the trailer and therefore are not subject to extreme pressure in normal use.
  • Less pressure on building wall.

The disadvantages of dock shelters relative to foam seals are that some models provide substantially less sealing efficiency, especially when trailer door hinge gaps are left unsealed. In addition, if shelter side frames are constructed of non-impactable materials, they can be severely damaged upon trailer impact, requiring costly repair or replacement.
As a category, dock shelters are generally more expensive than dock seals. The price difference between the models is based primarily on both durability and sealing effectiveness. Dock Shelter price reflects the number and type of features included to provide tight sealing along trailer sides, upper corners, and across the top. Price differential between models also reflects differences in side frame construction and related ability to withstand damage from the impact of trailers backing in off center.

Arbon Equipment’s line-up of dock shelters provides additional detailed features and information on the durability and sealing efficiency so you can make the most informed decision for your warehouse or facility.

Eclipse® Dock Shelter

  • Fabric sealing pockets
  • GapMaster hooks
  • Weighted head curtain

Eclipse® NH

  • Advanced curtain sealing edge
  • Fabric sealing pockets
  • Weighted head curtain


  • GapMaster hooks
  • Impactable side frames
  • Pivoting canopy header


  • Detachable side curtains
  • Foam side frames
  • Pivoting canopy header


  • Extended projection
  • Reinforced fabric
  • Slim-profile side frames


  • C-4-style head curtain
  • Impactable side frames
  • V-Flow fabric header

WG-410 Rigid Frame

  • C-4-style head curtain
  • Raked header
  • Rugged ArmorPleats

Uni-Dox™ Inflatable

  • Deflation and retraction
  • Easy installation
  • Fast, reliable inflation


  • Deflation and retraction
  • Durable & low maintenance
  • Tightest railcar seal

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